We have many tasks to accomplish as parents.   Some are sweet and come with a lot of internal and external gratifications. Others are less gratifying and we often think the task might be best avoided.

 For me, some tasks that I’d like to avoid include washing toilets, wiping bums, and folding and putting away laundry.

Recently, I came up with an amazing trick in making sure these mundane family life tasks become something of a gift.

Even miles away a friend can help you with laundry

Even miles away a friend can help you with laundry

This summer we stayed at a friend’s house for two weeks. Our family of four shared a two bedroom apartment with another family of four.  During those two weeks we constantly did laundry. To be mindful of the environment we hung the wet clothing on a outside cloth line. This enabled my friend and I to spend some great time chatting as we hung the clothing as well as later when we took it down.

 Now, I am 2,000 miles away from this friend but every time I do the laundry I think of her by my side. I hang a lot of my laundry out on a line or cloth rack dryer, and now doing the laundry is an enjoyable part of my week. I find peace in taking the extra step to be environmentally conscious, and I think of my friend faraway doing the exact same thing.

I encourage you to think of a task you don’t like so much and that brings you stress. Now think of a way this task can make you feel more connected to another parent or how that task can be a gift for someone else. I am sure you will slowly find peace in that action.

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  1. I will try to plan another long stay next summer

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