To do List:

Admit it, to-do lists are nightmares. We make them to remember things that we don’t want to do or have no time to do. Then, we use them to quantify how productive or successful our day was, depending on how many tasks we ended up accomplishing on them. I think most of us need to-do lists to manage the different aspect of our lives, but we should take a look at our dependence on creating them and completing them.

One to many thing to do

One to many thing to do

 Do most of us put the important things on our to-do list, the things that really make a difference in our life or the lives of those that mean the most to us?  Things like; take a walk, play a game with our children or talk quietly on the couch, as friends would, with our spouses? Where should we put the big important things on our list; the ones that have no real end or no real answer?

 What do you put on your list and what can you add to it that will not feel like a chore? I encourage you to ad one thing that is 100% gratifying on your to do list a day: meditation time, yoga, walking, drinking tea, reading an article you have been dying to finish, writing a letter to a friend or family member or even your spouse or maybe even looking at old pictures to take a walk down memory lane.

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