Pico Iyer said  “ … I’ve stepped out of my daily haze, the somnambulism that is my life!” , in an article I read in Mindful -Taking Time for What Matters.

Last week while picking up my daughter at dance class I stopped to talk with a dad who has a similar routine. He waits twice a week in the same spot for his daughters’ classes to end. He said to me that he felt like he was experiencing the movie Groundhog Day.

Have you had that feeling before?  Monday feels like Monday, then Tuesday feels just like last Tuesday, and Wednesday is no different than the one before, and even your weekends are filled with the expected and regular.

To get beyond that place in life sometimes feels like it should happen any day. Anyways, that is what we are told to do – dream big, work hard and we will be rewarded  with fame, riches, or talents.  But in reality for most of us our life is the one we have chosen to live and will continue to live.

Being stuck is not a great feeling, and as parents we need to model how we don’t hide from the reality of our lives and that moving to see clearly is part of of our routine on this earth.  We want our children to have the tools to get out of those moments that feel like we are entitled or stuck.


In the next few blog posts I will try to explore ways that can help us all towards this practice of being mindful and awake to the reality of our lives.

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