Create the tone and rhythm of your home that reflects the unique values and creative personalities of your family.

Feel confident and assured in the direction you are leading your family! Offering consultations and support to parents

Looking for someone to support you on your journey through parenthood?  Look no further.  We can answer your one question, offer guidance from pre-parenthood to the college years, or create a plan of action so that you can manifest your family vision whether it be for one specific issue or to create a family culture that reflects your ideals.

We have more than 15 years working with children, parents, families, educators. We can help you with  a range of topics from fertility, goal setting, discipline, sleep issues, breastfeeding, step-parenting, abuse, birth support, parenting question and schooling choice.

You might be asking yourself:

  • I am pregnant – now what?
  • My extended family has expectations but my expectations for my kids for my kids are different. How do I handle this?
  • My family is not your average nuclear family. How do I deal with societal prejudices?
  • How do I manage the cookie-cutter culture that my kids see all around them?
  • I want to start a family – where do I begin?
  • Types of birth? School choices? Nutrition?

In just a few consultations you will feel confident and assured in the direction that you are leading your family!

Please ask us questions!


  • BAC in Arts and Communication
  • B.A and M.A in Education
  • Raising Happiness course work ( Center for Greater Good, UC Berkeley , Dr. Christine Carter)
  • Yoga Parenting course work
  • Studied more than 100 parenting, education and pregnancy related literature.
  • Certificate in Simplicity Parenting for Care Professionals (Kim John Payne)

  • On-going course work: doula certification, integral parenting, conscious parenting, mindfulness.

Partners have certifications in a variety of fields related to family life.  We sometimes recommend working with a specific specialist for special needs.


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